Tips for Fostering Leadership Skills in Your Workers

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By Brian Binke

Hiring the best construction talent for project management, superintendent and estimator jobs is just the first step in the process of driving success for your firm. The most reputable construction firms also focus on building leaders within their ranks. Creating strong leaders helps build a solid core in your organization, keeping it steady in the face of change or adversity. Here are some tips for fostering leadership skills in the workplace. 

Provide a Mentor 
It’s often noted that great leaders have mentors themselves. From Bill Gates to Sheryl Palmer, some of the most successful leaders learned many of their skills from mentors. Mentors are invaluable assets when it comes to teaching and fostering leadership skills within a company. One powerful step to develop great construction leadership is to nudge people out of their comfort zone. Assigning an experienced mentor can help challenge new recruits to break through any boundaries that could be preventing them from reaching their full potential. Mentors are also proven resources for boosting self-esteem among team members and providing them with useful knowledge that is needed to complete the job. Construction recruiters suggest setting workers up with mentors because it also helps to reduce stress and promote feedback. 


Continued Education and Development
Construction organizations that dedicate sufficient resources for employee development programs achieve the overall financial goals of the company more often than not. It’s important to meet regularly with individual employees to discuss not only their professional interests, but also their overall career goals. Management can then parlay this information into specific development or educational opportunities for individuals. Managers are also encouraged to establish transparent performance metrics to help their employee understand all expectations and achievements. Remember, employees aren’t a one-and-done investment, but rather require further investments along the way to fully develop. The most successful construction firms refer workers to professional industry associations, or even send them to training courses and workshops. 

Avoid Micromanagement
Although workers should always be held accountable for their actions, there’s a fine line between providing constructive criticism and being a control freak. Micromanagement can cause real damage within an organization. Yet it’s never too late to correct bad habits such as this, it’s just easier to avoid ever starting it in the first place. If you pride yourself in being a perfectionist, then it can be difficult to delegate tasks. Inevitably, you’ll be holding your employees back from reaching their potential. Instead, hold regular team meetings to discuss progress and focus on the results, rather than every mistake being made. Give them adequate space and avoid completing everything for everyone. 

You want to enable your workers to think on their feet so that they are able to raise the bar on their own accord. As expected, keeping employees motivated can seem challenging at times, so it’s crucial for company owners to offer workers more flexibility concerning work-home life balance and individual rewards that they might not find elsewhere. 

Brian Binke is the founder and CEO of The Birmingham Group (TBG). TBG is a globally recognized executive search and consulting firm specializing in the construction arena. Over the past 22 years, Brian has established himself as one of the construction industries most respected leaders. He has won numerous awards for his industry innovation and has been recognized as the No. 1 worldwide revenue producing manager for the largest recruitment network of more than 800 independent firms. 


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